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The Patent Pending GalgoMoto ProSense Dual Beam Shift Sensor


The GalgoMoto Quickshifter System

Currently in development and in it’s final prototype phase is our custom quick shifter using Patent Pending Dual Beam Strain Gauge Sensor Technology, (pictured above), for perfect clutches upshifts every time. Unlike other products designed just for the racetrack, the Galgo Moto strain gauge sensor allows quick adjustment to preload and kill time right on your smart phone using blue tooth technology, allowing you to dial in perfect shifts every time. If you are a Moto America racer, or just want to enjoy smooth clutch-less upshifts on your street bike, the Galgo Moto quick shifter is for you. Our design utilizes a multi stage ignition kill system that adapts to street or track riding giving you smooth shifts at 2000 rpm or 15,000! Unlike a microswitch sensor, the Galgo Moto sensor has no moving parts to wear and can be switched from a push to a pull sensor with a swipe on your smart phone. No more ordering sensors when the springs wear out, when you change rear sets, or just decide to go from standard to GP shift pattern!

The Dual Beam sensor offers unmatched accuracy and adjustability for preload, saving your transmission from unnecessary wear and tear and is guaranteed to never wear out. Our strain gauge also auto calibrates every time you turn on the bike. No other product offers this, and let’s be honest. The strain on a section of metal changes with time and even temperature. At Galgo Moto, we want your shifts to be precise and accurate every time!  The product is in it’s final testing phase and will be in limited production very soon, so keep checking the site for updates! We can build you a custom system no matter what you ride or how you ride it.

Have another quickshifter system, but want the advantage of the Galgo Moto Sensor? Why not update your microswitch to a strain gauge system? Why worry about whether you need a, “push”, or “pull”, sensor and have to replace it if you change rear sets or go from standard to GP shift? The Galgo Moto Sensor works either way! Just flip a switch. That’s just one advantage to out Patent Pending Dual Strain Gauge design. The Galgo Moto Sensor will work with most quickshifter systems currently on the market. If we don’t have what you need, shoot me an email and we will do our best to make it for you!

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A short test of the Galgomoto Quickshifter on my 2001 ZRX1200 Street Bike!